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FRESH Bold Impression Material FRESH Bold Impression Material

When is the last time an impression material made YOU smile?

You know that sinking feeling you get in your stomach when you realize the crown isn’t going to fit? Say goodbye to that.

Even, if you have been using an impression material for years with success, there is still a way to get better value out of your procedures and that is where FRESH Bold Impression Material comes in.

We are so confident in our impression materials that we make you a bold promise at the beginning – If you don’t get better impressions with FRESH Bold Impression Material, we will give you your money back!

For years the big manufacturers have been telling you that a great impression material has to cost a lot. That if you think about using a lower cost material you are delivering a lower level of care. They couldn’t be more wrong. Over 1,200 dentists have already proven this paradigm incorrect by switching to FRESH Bold and they have had great success. Dr. Peter Gostout in Cape Coral, Florida responded to our question about impression success with the following, “I am a regular user of Exacta impression material. It always manages to take a bubble free impression that my lab uses to make outstanding crowns.”

Our low cost impression material is a result of our desire to work directly with our customers. No supply dealers telling you how great one brand is, only to switch loyalties a few months later. We created the formula, we sell the product directly to you, and we are accountable for your impression success or failure. That is why we can offer such a technically advanced impression material at less than half of the ‘big brands’.

FRESH Bold Impression Material uses state of the art silicone polymer formulas to give you a forgiving impression material that is accurate in the most difficult oral environments. We developed nine different viscosities and we can help you choose what will work best for your procedures and techniques. Whether it be traditional crown and bridge impressions, denture impressions, or impressions for orthodontic procedures, EXACTA has you covered. Most viscosities also have two different set times, a regular set for more challenging cases or a fast set to make life easier.

Of course you won’t know how much money and stress you can be saving until you try FRESH Bold Impression Material in your office.

Remember our promise – better impressions or a complete refund.

FRESH Bold Impression Material Kits
(2 cartridges with 6 mixing tips)