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3M ESPE Nichro 1st Primary Stainless Steel Molar Crown Refill, 5/pk #DLL2

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Price: From $17.95 to $35.95
Manufacturer: 3M ESPE
Google Product Category: Business & Industrial > Dentistry

Product Options

DLL2, First Molar, Lower Left D-LL-2 ($35.95)
DLL3, First Molar, Lower Left D-LL-3 ($35.95)
DLL4, First Molar, Lower Left D-LL-4 ($35.95)
DLL5, First Molar, Lower Left D-LL-5 ($35.95)
DLL6, First Molar, Lower Left D-LL-6 ($35.95)
DLL7, First Molar, Lower Left D-LL-7 ($35.95)
DLR2, First Molar, Lower Right D-LR-2 ($35.95)
DLR3, First Molar, Lower Right D-LR-3 ($35.95)
DLR4, First Molar, Lower Right D-LR-4 ($35.95)
DLR5, First Molar, Lower Right D-LR-5 ($35.95)
DLR6, First Molar, Lower Right D-LR-6 ($35.95)
DLR7, First Molar, Lower Right D-LR-7 ($35.95)
DUL2, First Molar, Upper Left D-UL-2 ($35.95)
DUL3, First Molar, Upper Left D-UL-3 ($35.95)
DUL4, First Molar, Upper Left D-UL-4 ($17.95)
DUL5, First Molar, Upper Left D-UL-5 ($17.95)
DUL6, First Molar, Upper Left D-UL-6 ($17.95)
DUL7, First Molar, Upper Left D-UL-7 ($35.95)
DUR2, First Molar, Upper Right D-UR-2 ($35.95)
DUR3, First Molar, Upper Right D-UR-3 ($35.95)
DUR4, First Molar, Upper Right D-UR-4 ($17.95)
DUR5, First Molar, Upper Right D-UR-5 ($17.95)
DUR6, First Molar, Upper Right D-UR-6 ($17.95)
DUR7, First Molar, Upper Right D-UR-7 ($35.95)

Primary Stainless Steel Crowns are prefabricated in order to facilitate a quick and easy solution for dental restorations that require a crown. Their indications include short and long term along with pediatric and posterior use.

- Long-term molar coverage
- Pretrimmed, belled and crimped to save placement time
- Requires minimal adjustment for fast and easy placement
- Provides a fast alternative to amalgam or composite restorations
- Accurately duplicates anatomy for better fit and performance
- Offers superior longevity

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