WHIP MIX Ardent Articulating Paper X-Thin Blue #60003 (SPECIAL PRICE: 3QTY LEFT)

Ardent (Whip Mix)


(14 Books/Bx) 140 Strips .0025" 63 Microns -
A superior manufacturing inking process along with the highest possible degree of quality control over the manufacturing process, guarantees clear, positive markings without smudging. These important advantages, plus the thinness of the paper, assures positive results every time in wet or dry fields.
During all phases of the paper/film manufacturing process, extreme care is taken to ensure exact coating and ink penetration for each use of special paper or film.  To ensure the best, non-smudging, marking properties of inked paper, as well as inked film, extreme care must be adhered to during the manufacturing process.  Too much or too little ink will compromise the marking characteristics for use in wet or dry fields.  All inked paper receives a letter of certification guaranteeing it was manufactured according to specifications.
X-Thin Blue - (14 Books/Bx) 140 Strips .0025" 63 Microns