BONART Piezoelectric Scaler P3II, 110V

Bonart Piezoelectric Scaler P3II ( DEVICES # ART-P3II )

Bonart Medical Tech., Inc


The ART-Pelican Piezoelectric Scaler is the 2nd series of the original ART-P3 with new and improved features.

Comes installed with Auto Gain Control that adjusts power settings for optimal performance, and has 3 modes of operation: Scaling, Perio, and Endo. 

While larger than the ART-P6, the ART-P3II has a built in LCD screen for displaying power settings and modes.

Power and water flow is adjusted through knobs located on the front of the scaler.

- Power supply: 110V

- Operating frequency: 26KHz ~ 32KHz

- Water flow: 25~100 ml/min

- Dimension (cm): 26(L) x 20(W) x 7(H)

- Weight (including the hand piece): 3.5 kg

- Hand piece cable length: 250 cm

- Foot switch cable length: 250 cm

- Includes 2 x LED Piezo Handpieces

Included Accessories:

- PS0007-072: Metal torque wrench (x1)

- TP0102-042: BS-1 Universal pointed tip (x2)

- TP0102-032: BS-2 Flat chisel tip (x1)

- TP0102-052: BS-PFU (x2)

- TP0102-152: BS-PFU Straight perio tip (x1)