BONART Polisher PL3 (For Veterinary Use Only) 110V

Bonart Polisher PL3 ( DEVICES # ART-PL3  For Veterinary Use Only  )

Bonart Medical Tech., Inc


The ART-PL3 polisher is a user-friendly, stylish, and compact system.

The polisher features a built-in digital display for viewing motor rotation speed and offers speed control of 0 to 30,000 RPM.

The ART-PL3 comes equipped with Automatic Feedback Control and powerful torque.

Furthermore, the prophy head is compatible with most major brand polishing cups and paste.

The ART-PL3 is approved for veterinary use only.

- Dimensions (L x W x H): 19.2cm x 15.5cm X 8.5cm

- Hand piece cable length: 2.5m

- Weight: 3.7kg with motor

- Voltage: 110V

- Cycle: 50/60Hz Power: 30w

- Max Polisher Speed: 30,000 RPM

Included Accessories:

- MM0003-051:  Micro-motor

- MM0003-052:  Straight nose cone

- MM0003-052B: Stainless steel prophy head

Polishing cups and paste not included.

Included accessories may vary per region.

Replaceable Parts:

-PP0031-002:  Universal foot switch

-MM0003-051:  Micro-motor

-MM0003-052:  Straight nose cone

-MM0003-052B: Stainless steel prophy head