Surface Disinfectant Cleaner 1 Gallon (Similar to Cavicide)

Mark 3

SKU: 100-0098

1 Gallon Bottle
Surface Cleaners and Disinfectants, Ready to use multi-purpose Immersion solution Ultrasonic solution Synergistic Formula disinfectant.

1 Gallon Jug

Hospital level disinfectant. CDC approved to kill SARS associated with Coronavirus. Water based, will not damage furniture. Can be used with fogger machines Available in: 2oz Concentrate + Empty Gallon Bottle for Mixing (2oz concentrate makes 1 gallon of cleaner)
Prevents cross-contamination of MRSA (staph bacteria)
and other nosocomial infections with fast acting, low alcohol surface
disinfectants that kill TB in 3 minutes and MRSA, HIV, HBV & HCV in 2 minutes.   

For use on nonporous surfaces

Effective against TB, HBV, HCV, HIV and fungi

Nontoxic and nonirritating

Disinfectant, cleaner and decontaminant all in one

Similar to Cavicide