CHASE Premium LED Curing Light, Assorted Colors #CHASE-A

Chase Dental Supply


Assorted Colors
Description Light Source: Latest Generation: 5W LED
3 modes (Strong Light, Flashing, Gradually Strong.)

Long standby time of 90 days or more
Large capasity Lithium Battery.
Handle can be places horazontaly or upright
low battery warning
Can be used 130 times in an full charge 

Application of Council Directive: 93/42/EEC
European Standards for Electro Medical Equip: EN60601-1
Power Supply: Input: AC100~240V, 50/60 Hz Output: DC 5V/2A, Mini USB Jack
Battery: 3.7V 800mAh, Type: Lithium-Ion
Light Source: Latest Generation: 5W LED
Range of Wave Length: 440nm~480nm, Peak: 460nm
Radiant Intensity: 1000mw/cm squared Above
Light Guide Rod: 08mm Optical Fiber, Sterilizable in Autoclave
Size: 026mm (Max) x L 156mm
Weight: 120g (with battery & light guiide rod)

Dental Curing Light is being used immensely for dental practices all over the world and is a must have for all dentists. Made of only the highest-grade materials, you can expect top quality in the product. Carrying a warranty of 1 year, , you get 1 Handpiece, 8mm Light guide, Recharger Power Supply, handpiece holder in the kit. The ultraviolet protection filex cordless curing lights offer striking colors and performance.

Dental Curing Light is easy to operate with simple two-button operation. With simple functions and a clear display, it offers fast cure and uses high power. It can cure composites over 3mm in just 10 seconds. There is no need to worry about any overheating due to continuous use because of the built-in smart heat-management system. Just take precaution of shutting it down while in use.

In case the battery gets exhausted, you can use power supply to keep the Dental Curing Light running. You can find both cordless & cord types in the product. The product is very affordable too. It delivers fast, dependable curing with a wavelength of 440-480nm and light intensity of 1000-1200 mW/cm2. You will hear audible beeps every 5 seconds along with the digital display countdown.