WHIP MIX Denar Lab Relator #20011380

Whip Mix Dental Corp


NEW ITEM - For the Mark 300 Series

The Denar LabRelator articulator is designed specifically for mounting casts. There are no moveable parts on the LabRelator meaning no settings to adjust. The silver knobs at the back of the instrument are used to keep the articulator stable when inverted. The anodized finished should not be steam cleaned and you should lubricate the surface the same as your other Mark 300 instruments.

The LabRelator features:
- Fully interchangeable with Mark 310, Mark 320 and Mark 330 articulators, which have factory set accuracy to within 20 microns

- Upper member is non-removable and does not allow excursive movements
- Durable anodized finish for easy cleaning
- Smaller size for easy handling