KEYSTONE Dual Laminates E-Gasket Clear ALL SIZES 5"x5" Sheets 12/pk #9604700

Keystone Industries


.080, .120, or .200 Clear 5"x5" Sheets, 12/pk
Description The Pro-form Dual Laminate is a unique combination of two materials formed into asingle laminated sheet.
It was made especially for use in bruxing cases.
The soft liner assures patient comfort and the hard surface assures long-lasting wear.
Also, acrylic will bond to the hard surface to allow the dental technician to modify the occlusal surface.
Available in 3 different thicknesses (2, 3, & 5 mm). 12 laminated sheets per package.

.080, .120, or .200 Clear 5"x5" Sheets 12/pk

Note: 2-3 weeks lead time to ship