ENZO Universal Articulators, All Types & Accessories #1001B

Enzo Articulators

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All Types, Colors and Accessories
Description The Enzo Articulator is proving to successfully integrate with many of the leading digital model systems when a more accurate articulator is called for. The articulator continues to be a very popular choice with the use of standard models as it eliminates plaster and the resetting of articulations is achieved in seconds. It replicates true lateral and protrusive excursions. Lightweight and perfectly balanced, it fits comfortably in the technician’s hand.

- One Articulator for full arch or quadrant

- Precision interlocking components provide very accurate articulations in seconds
- Both upper and lower plates swivel 360 degrees on ball joints allowing for all types of movement handling even the most difficult bites
- True lateral and protrusive excursion
- Lightweight and perfectly balanced, it fits comfortably in the hand
- Immediate bite changes made by the dentist
- Disposable Universal Bases

Bases are easily glued to any model with a flat surface and both quadrant and full arch models are accommodated with this universal design.

Step Down Model Holder
Provides the ability to work with smaller digital models

Disposable Universal Bases
Enzo Universal Bases 100 Pack

Elastic Bands
Bag of 100

Flat Occusal Plane
Fast & accurate set-up of denture teeth