BEAVERSTATE Evergreen Operatory Package #EVERGREEN

Beaverstate Dental


Evergreen Operatory Package
Description S-3606 3 Handpiece Automatic Control, Top Post Mount System
A-5210 Telescoping Vacuum Arm for 145-000 Side Box only
Aerolight Operatory Light (shown above)
DR-96 Doctor’s Operatory Stool
AT-96 Assistant's Operatory Stool
145-000 Side Box with light post, Water QD, Flow Control and Clean Water for A-5210 Telescoping Vacuum Arm only
Epic Operatory Chair, 110V
400-030 Epic Chair Adapter

115-713 HP Illumination (5 pin)
115-703 HP Illumination (6 pin)
126-160 Wet/dry foot control
030-014 2nd HVE, holder and tubing
Silcryn tubing (sterling only)