MACAN Fulguration Adaptor #ME-6000

MACAN Manufacturing


Electrosurgery Adaptor, Fulguration ME6000, MC-6A, MC-4A
Description ME6000 Electrosurgery Fulguration Adaptor :
For use with Radiosurge MC6A and MC-4A low voltage units to produce the high voltage needed for fulguration. The adaptor raises voltage for pin-point soft coagulation, treating enucleated cysts or fistulous tracts, for treating tumor excision sites, and for the desiccation of small pre-cancerous lesions. About 1mm arc length is available which suggests the use of an optical loupe during use. The adaptor limits therapeutic current in the event of accidental tissue contact.
Use a maximum power setting of “6” and COAG when using the fulguration adaptor.