WHIP MIX Hanau 96H2 Semi-Adjustable Articulator #003302-000

Whip Mix Dental Corp


Standard equipment includes: 1 Extension Pin1 standard Incisal Pin1 Standard (Adjustable) Incisal Guide1 Orbitale indicator1 Technique Manual

Series 96H2O Articulator is a non-arcon type (condylar guidances associated with the articulator's lower member), which simulates the multiple functions of the Gleniod Fossa in centric, protrusive and right and left lateral positions. The enclosed track design of the guidance prevents vertical displacement of the condylar element when waxing or making excursive movements with the instrument.

Semi-Adjustable, Non-Arcon Type Articulator.

As a non-arcon articulator, it is the most popular teaching and clinical instrument for removable prosthodontics.

It has enclosed guidances; fixed inter-condylar width of 110mm and lateral adjustments from 0 degrees to 30 degrees and protrusive adjustments from 0 degrees to 75 degrees.

It accepts a wide range of accessories including the Adjustable Incisal Guide.

Comes with Orbitale Indicator standard (Additional modifications may be specified).