WHIP MIX Hanau-Mate Non-Adjustable Articulator #009856-000

Whip Mix Dental Corp


HANAU-MATE?? articulator is a non-adjustable, arcon-type instrument which is ideal for laboratories and teaching facilities interested in a low-cost, easy-to-use average-type articulator for single crown and minimal unit bridge fabrications.

Non-adjustable (fixed), Arcon-Type Articulator.

Built-in average Bennett Angle of 15 degrees to more closely simulate the human anatomy. This will permit fabrication of teeth to more exacting cusp to fossa relationships than possible with plain line articulators. Helps attain better fit and reduced chair time.

Removable upper member to speed wax ups. Two locks are easily loosened to separate the maxillary part of the articulator. The locks return the case to "centric" position.

The clinician will feel a well-balanced, smooth motion when moving the case through lateral and protrusive movements to achieve the proper occlusion.

Excellent Lingual Visibility. Free, open access from the rear to observe the occlusion.

The condylar guidance has a 30 degree inclination and lateral excursions are possible to 15 degrees.

NEW! Uses plastic disposable mounting plates.