WHIP MIX Hanau Ulti-Mate Articulator #20011209

Whip Mix Dental Corp


Comes complete with extension pin, anterior reference pin, wrench and instruction manual.
Description The NEW Hanau Ulti-Mate is extremely lightweight, can tilt back on the bench at a 45° angle, and has unique magnetized fossae.  This economically priced articulator was designed for simplicity and efficiency with a fixed Bennett angle of 15° and fixed 30° Protrusive angle, with a curved linear path. Features & Benefits:

Protrusive Angle Fixed at 30 Degrees & Built-in-Bennett Angle of 15 Degrees- designed to work with average patient population.

Unique Magnetized Fossae- For instant positioning of condyle to hinge position.

Innovative centric Lock Pins- Relate the upper membmer to hinge axis access.

Ability to tilt the insturment back at a 45 degree angel- For hands free, table top viewing. Great for removable Technicaians.

Removeable Upper Member- Permits greater accessibility.

Lightweight and Durable- Easy to handle and clean