WHIP MIX Denar Slidematic Articulator Index 1/pk #200080

Whip Mix Dental Corp


Denar Slidematic Facebow Jig ONLY

Denar Slidematic Facebow Jig - (1 Jig Only)

Possibly the fastest facebow system you will ever use.

A fast, easy and accurate means of transferring proper maxillary relationships

Precision speed glide gear mechanisms permits the face bow to open and close on the axis

Convenient detachable transfer jig mounts to the articulator; freeing the facebow for the next patient

Adaptable to Denar®, Hanau™, and Whip Mix articulators

NEW! Slidematic with Quick Lock Toggle system allows for quick, easy and accurate transfer of the proper maxillary relationship from patient to the articulator.
Convenient. The detachable quick lock toggle assembly allows you to use the facebow on the next patient.
Simple. The quick lock toggle helps prevent rotation of the bite fork and documents the patient’s bite record by tightening just one knob.
Adaptable. Fits most Denar, Hanau and Whip Mix Articulators