Handler 75D-FC-0 Polishing Grinding Unit

Handler 75D-FC-0 Polishing Grinding Unit

Handler International

SKU: 75D-FC-0

Handler 75D-FC-0 Polishing Grinding Unit Without Model 26 Lathe
Description Handler 75D-FC-0 Polishing Grinding Unit (Without Model 26 Lathe)
Handler has re-designed its most popular polishing and grinding unit to include drum cartridge filter technology. The 75D-FC is a professionally designed grinding and polishing unit built specifically for dry grinding operations such as grooving plaster models, dry polishing and dry model trimming. The 75D-FC is powered by a ¾ HP suction motor which produces 600 CFM (cubic feet per minute) suction capacity.
The two drum cartridge filters can entrap material as small as .5 microns, helping to keep your air clean and remove dusts from the environment. The filters can be easily removed for cleaning and re-installed. Two mounted aluminum polishing hoods (7” W x 10 ½” D x 14” H) contain dusts, polishing compound and debris. The unit is sold complete with the two speed model 26 Red Wing high base lathe.

Available in 230V/50Hz and 230V/60Hz at additional cost.
Shipping Wgt.: 350 pounds
Unit dimensions: 56” H x 32” W x 24” D – 40” to work surface
[42cm x 81cm x 61cm]

Product comes only in Designer Beige