MACAN Isolated Output Radiosurge Unit 120V #MC-4A

MACAN Manufacturing


120V/60Hz, +/-10%, 240watts Maximum Consumption
The MC-4A's Electrosurgery unit lacks the pure CUT feature of the Radiosurge and is therefore not recommended for implant exposure of biopsy. However, all the other virtues of the Radiosurge are incorporated; isolated output, and precision operation. The MC4A provides a SURGE mode for incision an excision with pronounced concurrent homeostasis, and a COAG mode for pin-point accurate coagulation. Safe and effective for bipolar forceps coagulation in wet fields and around exposed bone. Simple to learn and operate as well as cost effective, the MC4A is ideal for the occasional uses encountered in Orthodontics, Periodontics and General restorative dentistry. The isolated output means that the instrument will not work without the dispersive plate. The unit comes with a 2 year warranty, "Flexi-plate" dispersive plate, 5 "Ultra-flex" electrodes, and an Owner's Manual. IEC 60601-1-2 EMC compliance make this instrument as friendly as possible around other equipment.
"Spark-Free" Technology*
Modern dental practice involves gingival tissue management as a part of the restorative process to a degree never before seen.
The MC-4A "spark-free" technology, which incorporates RF band pass filtration, adds significantly to patient comfort by eliminating spark induced sensations and helps to reduce the risk of tissue recession necessary for successful immediate impressions in crown preparation, crown lengthening, and other aesthetically critical procedures, by significantly reducing collateral heat production.*This technology is used in ophthalmic coagulators where very tight control of coagulum is critical.

Floating Return Technology
Floating return technology now brings to the dental suite the electrical safety common to operating room general surgery units, and also allows the safe, effective application of bipolar coagulation without taking the extra ordinary precautions required for ground referenced machines

Surgical Mode allows incision with pronounced effective concurrent hemostasis.

Coag Mode provides exceptional coagulation with monopolar ball Electrode or optional bipolar forceps.
IEC CLASSIFICATION class 1 medical, high frequency surgical, non-ionizing radiation device
CONFIGURATION monopolar, isolated output, type BF ports
OPERATING MODES SURGE 50% cut 50% coag blended 50 watts into 100ohms +10%-5%, crest factor 1.9 Modulation : 2xline frequency, 100 or 120Hz, sinosoidal
COAG 50% duty cycle 25 watts into 100ohms +10%-5%, crest factor 2.6 Modulation : line frequency, 50 or 60Hz, sinosoidal
OUTPUT VOLTAGE 500V p-p (.5kVp p-p), open load, SURGE mode
SOURCE IMPEDANCE 500ohms, nominal
OPERATING FREQUENCY 3.0mHz +/-5%, nominal
POWER CONTROL manual analog, continuously variable
OPERATIONAL DUTY CYCLE 10 seconds ON, 20 seconds OFF (not electronically enforced)
TEMPERATURE RANGE -20C to +85C storage, OC to +40C operating, <80% RH non condensing
COOLING convection
ACTUATION single foot pedal (isolated low voltage circuit, IP20 splash resistant rust proof plastic pedal)
ACTIVE INDICATION LED light, tone (defeatible)
POWER REQUIRMENTS 120V 60Hz, +/-10%, 240watts maximum consumption
230V 50HZ, +/-10%, 240VA maximum consumption
NOTE: field selection of operating voltage requires a skilled technician
SIZE AND WEIGHT 8.5"w, 3.5"h, 5.75"d, not including controls and jacks 5.5pounds (9 pound shipping)
21,6cm w; 8.89cm h; 14.6cm d; not including controls and jacks 2.5kg (4.1kg shipping)
WARRANTY 2 years (exclusive of accessories)
Tested to:
IEC 60601-1-1 Medical Safety
  IEC 60601-1-2 Electromagnetic Compatibility
  IEC 60601-1-2 High Frequency Surgical Particular Standards

The Macan MC-4A Unit is unconditionally guaranteed for two years from the date of purchase, (exluding handpiece, dispersive plate, cords and electrodes). A copy of your invoice, showing the serial number and date of purchase is all the evidence required to implement service. Additional terms may apply. Ask your dealer for complete information.

Also, Available in 230V