MACAN Isolated Output Radiosurge Unit 120V #MC-6A

MACAN Manufacturing


120V 60Hz, +/-10%, 240watts Maximum Consumption
Description The Radiosurge (MC-6A) is a high precision dental electrosurgery unit especially effective for delicate and intricate tissue management in prosthodontics, but versatile and affordable for all dental health care specialties. The Radiosurge MC-6A offers cicatrix free CUT mode, incision and excision with pronounced concurrent homeostasis in BLEND mode, and pin-point accurate coagulation in COAG mode. The isolated output instrument is safe for concurrent use with monitoring equipment such as EKG monitors, apnea monitors, and pulse oximeters. The isolated output allows safe and effective bipolar coagulation, which is effective in wet or bloody fields even on exposed bone as well as soft tissue and small vessels. Low voltage output for virtually "spark-free" incisions that help to assure patient comfort under all anesthesia conditions and significantly reduces any risk of tissue damage or recession. The isolated output means that the unit absolutely will not work without the dispersive plate. The unit comes with our unique "Flexi-plate" which resides on the chair eliminating the need for attention with each case. Simple attachment allows ready portability between rooms and supple design insures patient comfort. The unit works through normal street clothing and comes with a set of 6 "Ultra=flex" dental electrodes, a 3 year warranty and Owner's Manual. IEC 60601-1-2 EMC compliance make this instrument as friendly as possible around other equipment.

Cut Mode - This fully rectified, filtered waveform is the safest and most predictable waveform for oral electrosurgery procedures. When utilizing the cut mode in healthy tissue, there will be no shrinkage. It produces a continuous flow of RF energy that provides a micro-smooth cut with minimal hemostatsis. Indications would include cosmetic elongation of clinical crowns, anterior gingival troughing before crown & bridge impressions, biopsies, frenectomies, reflection of full thickness flaps and any procedures that closely proximate bone or dental implants.

Cut + Coag Mode - Clinically, this fully rectified waveform results in a blend of 50% cutting and 50% coagulation. It would be the waveform of choice for posterior gingival troughing before crown & bridge gaining access to subgingival caries, removing opercula, removing opercula, removing pericoronal tissue, pulpotomies, gingivectomies and gingivoplasty procedures.

Coag Mode - This partially rectified waveform of intermittent RF energy flow is highly effective in producing hemostasis in gingival an mucosal tissues and sealing off bleeders up to two millimeters in diameter without ligation. Indications include soft tissue coagulation after surgical intervention or bleeding = a pulpotomy. This waveform may also be used for sterilization of endodontic canals, bleaching discolorized teeth and desensitzation of cervical tooth margins.

Fulguration Mode - This mode produces a spark that travels through the air gap between the electrode tip and the surface of the tissue. It is the only monopolar electrosurgical waveform that can coagulate bleeding coming from the bone. It is also excellent to diagnose and coagulate possible pin-point exposures.
IEC CLASSIFICATION class 2 medical, high frequency surgical, non-ionizing radiation device
CONFIGURATION monopolar, isolated output, type BF ports
OPERATING MODES CUT CW .5% ripple, max 50watts into 100ohms +10%-5%, crest factor 1.4
SURGE 50%cut
OUTPUT VOLTAGE 500V p-p (.5kVp p-p), open load, SURGE mode
SOURCE IMPEDANCE 500ohms, nominal
OPERATING FREQUENCY 3.0mHz +/-5%, nominal
POWER CONTROL manual analog, continuously variable
OPERATIONAL DUTY CYCLE 10 seconds ON, 20 seconds OFF (not electronically enforced)
TEMPERATURE RANGE -20C to +85C storage, OC to +40C operating, <80% RH non condensing
COOLING convection
ACTUATION single foot pedal (isolated low voltage circuit, IP20 splash resistant rust proof plastic pedal)
ACTIVE INDICATION LED light, tone (defeatible)
POWER REQUIRMENTS 120V 60Hz, +/-10%, 240watts maximum consumption
230V 50HZ, +/-10%, 240VA maximum consumption
NOTE: field selection of operating voltage requires a skilled technician
SIZE AND WEIGHT 6 ½”w, 2 3/4”h, 11 ½”d exclusive of knobs and jacks, 6# (10# shipping)
16,5cm w; 7cm h; 29,2cm d exclusive of knobs and jacks; 2,73kg ( 4,55kg shipping )
WARRANTY 3 years (exclusive of accessories)
Notified Body:  MET Labs 
Standard: UL 60601-1 & CSA C22.2 No. 601.1 
Mark:  C/US “Classified” mark, registration number E112955 
Test to:
IEC 60601-1-1 Medical Safety
  IEC 60601-1-2 Electromagnetic Compatibility
  IEC 60601-1-2 High Frequency Surgical Particular Standards

Printed circuit boards. Filtered, full and partial wave solid state rectification with vacum tube oscillator. Aircraft-strength aluminum chassis and cover.

The Radio Surge comes complete with autoclaveable handpiece and cord, six Ultra Flex Bendable Electrodes (UF-L22, UF-C51, UF-L34, UF-L35, UF-F1, UF-SN62), thermoplastic coated ground plate, ground cord and a 14 page operating manual. Special length cables are available for custom installations.


Also, Available in 230V