PRIME DENTAL Light Cure Composite Surface Sealant 7ml

Prime Dental

SKU: 005-010

7ml Bottle

A light cured, methacrylate based, unfilled, penetrating, low viscosity resin. The Sealant has a very low oxygen inhibition layer and can be cured in ultra thin layers. Reduces microleakage and seals micro-cracks and irregularities in composite restorations. Finishing and polishing composite creates microscopic defects in the surface and at the margin, resulting in accelerated loss of composite. Prime-Dent® Light Cure Composite Surface Sealant is applied immediately upon completion of restoration. The Sealant penetrates and seals the composite surface, thus reducing wear and marginal breakdown. Microleakage is reduced for new and existing composite restorations. Bonds well to composite type provisional restorations and helps re-vitalize old composites leaving a smooth enamel like finish.