PRIME DENTAL Nano Hybrid Light Cure 4.5g Syringe 1/pk #001-601

Prime Dental


4.5g Syringe

A resin composite with unique nanofiller technology. Formulated with nanocluster filler particles, the composite is purposed to combine the strength of a hybrid and the polish of a microfil. Nanomers are discrete nanogglomerated particles of 7 nm in size. Nanoclusters are loosely bound agglomerates of nano-sized particles. The agglomerates act as a single combination of non-agglomerated 7 nm nanosilica filler and aggregated schott glass/silica nanocluster filler. The cluster particle size range is 0.7 microns. The filler loading is 74% by weight. This reportedly provides increased filler loading, better physical properties and improved polish retention when compared to composites containing only nanoclusters.

Benefits and Features

  • Easy to control during placement

  • Not sensitive to ambient light

  • Adapts well to cavity preparations

  • Does not stick to the placement instruments

  • Can be contoured to the desired shape before curing

  • Highly rated for blending with tooth structure, radiopacity, and ease of finishing

  • Finished and polished to a high luster