WHIP MIX Mainstay II Dowel Pin System #8240

Whip Mix Dental Corp

SKU: 8240

Box of 1,000 dual pins, Plastic Sleeves and Rubber End Caps
The Mainstay II dowel pin system is designed for labs that want the added stability of a dual pin while maintaining an easy to use pinning system. The Mainstay II pins are designed for use in crown and bridge working models with sectioned removable dies. Like the original Mainstay, MainStay II utilizes a protective sleeve and rubber end caps.  Its protective sleeve and tapered, dual pin design prevents reverse placement of sectioned dies. In addition the protective sleeve grips the dowel pin creating positive indexing while protecting the base stone material from abrasion, once abraded the base stone can alter the fit of the die causing costly rework. Finally, the rubber end cap stabilizes quadrants or full arch models and eliminates the use of a dowel pin bur. The Mainstay Drill Bit can be used for drilling holes for either Mainstay II or the original MainStay single pins.
- Asymmetric, dual pin design eliminates reverse placement of dies
- Ribbed plastic sleeve holds tight while pin removes easily.
- Rubber end cap stabilizes case while pouring base stone
- Metal to stone contact at bottom of pin for added stability
Box of 1,000 dual pins, Plastic Sleeves and Rubber End Caps