MEDIPOSTURE Classic Kiddie Dental Headrest for Chairs, ALL COLORS #MDC402



Kiddie Headrest, All Colors
Description The MediPosture Kiddie dental headrest is designed to correctly set young patients in the proper chin-up position when they are unable to reach the dental chair’s fixed headrest. Simply place the headrest behind the child’s neck. The sloped shape will gently encourage their head to tilt backward. This head position will give you easier access to the oral cavity. If you’re lucky, they’ll stop scooting in the chair!


Smaller patients are unable to reach your chair’s fixed headrest. The MediPosture Kiddie dental headrest correctly sets patients’ heads in the chin-up position. As a result, you have better access to patients’ mouths. Plus, if you’re lucky, they’ll stop scooting in your chair!

We manufacture the Kiddie dental headrest with high-quality, 5-pound density memory foam. This foam provides good support for your smaller patients. You can use the kiddie dental headrest independently. However, we recommend it as an accessory to the MediPosture Child Booster seat. Together, these dental cushions bring small patients into better positions. As a result, you enjoy more ergonomic work angles. Plus, your patients are more comfortable.

Each Kiddie dental headrest features a heavy-duty elastic back strap. Thus, you can affix your headrest easily to your dental chair. All MediPosture products feature a urethane-based medical fabric. We designed this fabric in collaboration with medical professionals. It creates both safety and comfort in your dental office. Additionally, the fabric slowly releases antimicrobial properties over its lifetime. Furthermore, the fabric is fluid and moisture resistant. These qualities also improve its infection control ability.

Recommended for children or petite adults.

Colors: beige and gray
Specs: 8”L x 6.25”W x 2.75”H
Does not contain latex or phthalates.


Each MediPosture Kiddie dental headrest offers great infection control. A vinyl coating covers the headrest. This medical-grade coating can withstand cleanings between patient visits. Plus, you can use your favorite infection control product to clean your Kiddie dental headrest.

Your office requires infection control between patient visits.  Thus, we cover our products with premium-grade, medical fabric. We recommend you use ammonium-based cleaners. These products are better suited for the urethane material. However, alcohol-based cleaners may shorten the material’s lifespan. Instead, alcohol-based cleaners are better for vinyl materials.

Disclaimer: This information is a general guideline. However, it does not express a guarantee or warranty.