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Bone Management  3D-Navigation-Control - Meisinger Germany

Meisinger Germany


Meisinger Bone Management 3D-Navigation-Control - 1/pk
After the use of three-dimensional imaging procedures (e.g. digital volume tomography (DVT), computer tomography (CT)) and after the virtual planning of the implant position using a planning software, precise guide sleeve systems are required to produce the 3D surgical guide templates (using static navigation); during implant surgery, these systems ensure the guiding of the implant cutter in the axis of the virtually planned implant. The 3D-Navigation-Control is a guide sleeve system that is suitable for all commonly used implant systems (and planning programs) and permits the use of surgical guide templates even in tight molar situations. The special tool requirements of flapless surgery are taken into account as much as the (optional) fixating of the surgical guide template via a 3D-Fixation Kit. Equipped with the 3D-Laboratory Kit, the dental technician is able to accurately install the sleeves in the template.