Meisinger Bone Management Transfer-Control Plus Combined Bone Replacing System

Meisinger Bone Management Transfer-Control Plus

Meisinger Germany


Meisinger Bone Management Transfer-Control Plus Combined Bone Replacing System - 1/pk
Description A new member has joined the Bone Management® family: Transfer-Control Plus. This is a useful combination complementing the established Transfer-Control and Transfer-Ring-Control systems. The Combined Bone Replacing System, which is suitable for all commonly used implant systems, ensures a standardised procedure that produces a snug fit for the transplantation of bone cylinders. The various milling instruments are available in different diameters and are designed in such a way that the external diameter of the ablative bur, or the diameter of the wheel cutter, matches the internal diameter of the trephines. A tight and precise fit between the donor bone and the receipient site is achieved using this method. Additional securing using fixation screws may be necessary. Due to the fast revitalisation and osseointegration, bone cylinders that are transplanted achieving such a snug fit produce a bone bed that is ready for implantation within 3 to 4 months.

The most important requirement for the safe osseointegration of a bone transplant is a congruent and fresh receptor bed. Utilizing the Transfer-Ring-Control, osseointegration of vertical onlay grafts is met easily and in a controlled fashion. Screw System set BSR00, and BSRPR, Screw System Professional, are ideally suited for use with the Transfer-Ring-Control Kit.