Zhermack Modulmix #C309035


SKU: C309035

1x Modulmix / 1x Side panel gray / 1x Base Support / 1x DigitalTimer / 1x AC Adapter



  • With respect to manual mixers, the Zhermack system automatic mixing is easy, constant and offers higher quality
  • With modulmix, the mixing phase is notably reduced to give more product working time
  • Modularity: The possibility to connect numerous machines in-line allows for the use of numerous materials simultaneously (heavy body – alginate replacement)
  • Two dispensing speeds, fast for filling the tray, normal for filling a syringe
  • Compact and linear design which guarantees reduced encumbrance upon working surfaces
  • Transparent plastic cover allows for immediate viewing of both the material being used as well as the level of material remaining in the cartridge
  • Two dispensing buttons located on either side of the Modulmix, for left & right handed operators
  • 2 year warranty




  • Possibility of connecting numerous machines in-line
  • Two dispensing speeds:
    • Normal: 70* ml/min
    • Fast: 155* ml/min
  • Motorised plunger (forward & reverse) for changing cartridges (max 3 sec)
  • Customizable side cills to match surgery decor (optional extra)
  • Ergonomic design
  • Two dispenser buttons
  • Cartridge level indicator
  • Retracting, finger-safe pistons to guarantee maximum safety standards
  • Available in countertop or wall-mounted versions
  • Available in 230V, 230V uk plug and 115V versions
  • Compatible with all 5:1 systems currently available on the market