ZHERMACK Platinum 85 1kg #C400725


SKU: C400725

1 x 1kg Tub Base - 1 x 1kg Tub Catalyst - 2 x Spoons.

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High precision laboratory VPS for dies in complete
prosthesis, control templates for metal structure
design and supports for metal-free aesthetic material
working. Templates for resin packing in combination
prosthesis, the execution of temporary prosthetic
works - the reproduction of removable gingival
masks (Zhermack Gingifast). Support for light-curing
composite resin working

High precision laboratory A-Silicone putty material.
Duplication denture moulds
- Die in full dentures
- Control matrix for the design of metal structure
- Matrix support for the working of metal free aesthetic materials
- Isolation and protection of a denture from high temperatures in a flask
Very high flowability
- Super dimensional stability
- Heat resistance (over 200°C)
- Easy handling
- Excellent detail definition
- Linear variation: - 0.058% after 24 hours
- No deformation in flask
1:1 Mixing ratio
- Biocompatible
- Final hardness 85 Shore A
- Green colour