WHIP MIX PowerCast, 150/60g Packages #32825

Whip Mix Dental Corp

SKU: 32825

150/60g Packages - A New Breed of Investment That's Rapid, Reliable and Ringless
A carbon-free, fine-grain phosphate bonded investment for casting crown and bridge and ceramic alloys. This versatile all-purpose investment has been specially formulated to use with a rapid burnout technique. It can be used both with a metal ring and a ringless technique without cracking. Special Liquid Concentrate- Plus provides the high expansion especially needed for non-precious alloys and can be diluted as needed for other alloys.

Crack resistant and tolerant to rapid temperature rise
- Can be used both with ring or ringless technique
- Easy breakout for faster cleanup
- Smooth, accurate castings reduce finishing time
*Suggested concentration of Special Liquid Concentrate- Plus is 80% (4 parts liquid to 1 part water). *Recommended Liquid: Special Liquid Concentrate - Plus

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