DENTSPLY Prime & Bond NT Refill Package 3 x 3.5ml Bottles #634352

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SKU: 634352

3 x 3.5ml Bottles
Description SAME PRICE AS DOUBLE PACK W/ MORE MATERIAL (Double Pack 2x4.5ml)

Prime & Bond® NT™ is a light-cured dental adhesive that can be used for virtually all direct and indirect restorative bonding procedures involving composite, ceramic and amalgam materials. Exclusive nanofillers ensure marginal integrity and exhibit deep penetration into tubules and horizontal interconnects. 0% sensitivity ensures a pain-free post-op experience for all patients.

Prime & Bond NT is a self-priming, light-cured bonding agent that contains nanofillers of amorphous silicone dioxide, which differentiates this product from Prime & Bond 2.1. In addition to the nanofillers

Prime & Bond NT is primarily composed of di- and tri-methacrylate resins, PENTA (dipentaerythritol penta acrylate monophosphate), and contains an acetone solvent.

It combines both the primer and adhesive in a single bottle and requires one application followed by a 10-second light cure.
Prime & Bond NT is designed to bond composite materials and compomers to enamel and dentin.

It is also indicated for the bonding of veneers, composites and ceramics, as well as an adhesive cavity varnish for amalgam.
Prime & Bond NT in over 450 clinical cases.
This product received a 91% clinical rating.