Ray Foster - Orthodontic 12" Model Trimmer with 1/2 HP Motor

Ray Foster


RAY FOSTER MT15 - Orthodontic 12" Model Trimmer with 1/2 HP Motor
Equipped with the Orthodontic Angulating Work Table, the Ray Foster 12" Model Trimmer speeds trimming of study models, and produces accurate and attractive results. The Orthodontic Angulating Work Table, made from hardened anodized aluminum for a long, accurate work life, is calibrated for precise positioning and trimming of models. Accessories supplied with the Orthodontic Model Trimmer include Vertisquare, Angle Guide, and 70mm Adjustment Gauge.

- 1/2 HP motor, with 1.25 service factor producing .625 HP actual power
- 12" dia., 1/4" thick grinding wheel
- 5-1/4" wide, 5" high cutting surface
- 17" high, 17" wide, 16" deep
- 115 volt, 60 Hz standard
- 230 volt, 50/60 Hz optional for export (For 230V Upgrade $50 Additional)
- Net weight 41 lbs, shipping weight - 49 lbs

Pictured here with the optional:

M005 Splash shield
M006 Sediment tray
M007 Water spray attachment.