MACAN Rigid or Ultraflex Electrode COAGULATION, All Sizes 2/pk #R-C15

MACAN Manufacturing


Coagulation Electrode Rigid or Ultraflex, All Sizes 2/pk
Description R-C15 or UF-C15
.020” Wire, Right Angle with Straight Shaft (For Intraproximal Spot Forced Coagulation, Has Thin Insulation, Especially Recommended Where Metallic Amalgams Are Present)

R-C51 or UF-C51
1,5mm Ball, Angled Shaft (For Small Area Forced Coagulation)

R-C52 or UF-C52
3mm Ball, Angled Shaft (For Medium Area Forced Coagulation)

R-C53 or UF-C53
13mm .025 Wire, Straight Shaft (For Small Spot Forced Coagulation, Anterior Specific)

R-C54 or UF-C54
13mm .025 Wire, Bent To 80 Degrees @ 10mm, Straight Shaft (For Small Spot Forced Coagulation)

R-C55 or UF-C55

All Electrodes 2/pk

All electrodes have an industry standard 1/16″ (.063) shaft diameter with 17mm of contact area exposed for compatibility with most hand pieces such as: Ellman, Parkell, Summit Hill or Vetroson.