MACAN Rigid or Ultraflex Electrode INCISION, All Sizes 2/pk #R-F10

MACAN Manufacturing


Incision Electrode Rigid or Ultraflex, All Sizes 2/pk
Description R-F10 or UF-F10 
6mm Wire, Straight Shaft, Anterior Specific

R-F11 or UF-F11
6mm Wire, Angled Shaft

R-F13 or UF-F13
6mm Wire, Shaft Reversed for Posterior Access

R-F1 or UF-F1
Adjustotip variable length, angled shaft (adjustable depth, especially effective posteriorly)

All Electrodes 2/pk

All below have fine .010” tungsten surgical wire for precise incision with minimum tissue alteration.  All electrodes have an industry standard 1/16″ (.063) shaft diameter with 17mm of contact area exposed for compatibility with most hand pieces such as: Ellman, Parkell, Summit Hill or Vetroson.