WHIP MIX Snap-Stone 11lb. #23690

Whip Mix Dental Corp

SKU: 23690

Snap-Stone 11lb.
SNAP-STONE is an exceptionally fast setting stone with an early high compressive strength, which allows separation of the cast from the impression in 5 minutes. Because SNAP-STONE is fast setting, hand mixing is recommended. SNAP-STONE is compatible with all impression materials and its versatile, light pink color makes it suitable for many uses. Procedures which can be performed faster with SNAP-

STONE include:
- Bleaching trays 
- Mouth guards 
- Vacuum formed splints 
- Custom trays 
- Orthodontic appliances 
- Temporaries 
- Denture repairs 
- Study casts 
- Articulator cast mounting 
- CAD-CAM restorations
11 lb. (5 kg) Carton