Bar Instruments Steaman Jr. (Industrial Strength Steam Cleaner) #6200

Bar Instruments LLC


Bar Instruments Steaman Jr.(Industrial Strength Steam Cleaner)
Description Bar Instruments Steaman Jr.
Height 8.5" x Width 8" x Depth 11"....
Weight 30lb
Steam pressure 70/75 PSI
Water capacity - 1 quart
Power consumption 1000W 110V-60Hz
* Stainless steel, self containd boiler
* High presure standby steam
* No rust, No oxidation, No flushing
* No chemicals or abrasives
* Quiet and energy efficient
* Thumb operation on flexible handpiece
* Portable and no maintenance
* Multiple safley devices
* Two year warranty
* Made in the U.S.A
* Shipped directly from manufacturer facility.