TCS - Manual Injector

TCS - Manual Injector

Thermoplastic Comfort Systems, Inc.

SKU: 3506-01

This injector is the most economical of the Injection units.

Manual Injector System
The tcs! Manual Injector is used to inject molten nylon into the injection flask. This injector is
the most economical of the tcs! Injection units. The principal benefit of having a manual
injector is the easy maintenance, and longevity of the unit. The injector is used in conjunction
with the tcs! Digital Furnace (Item # 3512-01) or similar type furnace. With one furnace the
injector yields approximately 30 cases per day, but with additional furnaces and Melting
Cylinders, it can yield up to 120 cases per day.
25-year warranty on parts and labor.

Weight: 42 lbs / 19 kilos
Dimensions: Width 22” / Height 22” / Depth 17”
Injection Unit Only (item # 3506-01 ea.)

*Kit available
Kit 110V (item # 3505-01 Kit)
Kit 220V (item # 3505-02 Kit)