TCS Unbreakable Light Pink Shade 1

TCS Unbreakable Light Pink Shade 1

TCS Unbreakable Light Pink Shade 1


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TCS Unbreakable Light Pink Shade 1 – 5/pk

If you are missing one or more teeth and are looking into replacement options, luckily you have plenty of choices. You need not worry about a partial denture compromising your smile. Today, breakthroughs in dental technology give your dentist a great deal to offer.

When it comes to deciding on a replacement, many things are considered, i.e. cost, procedure, aesthetics, etc. These dental care decisions should always be made in consultation with your dentist. But for many patients that do not want the unreliability of temporary appliances such as flippers, revealing partials such as acrylic with metal clasps, or expensive options like implants that require highly invasive surgery and long healing periods, tcs® Unbreakable partials may be the ideal choice.

The tcs® Unbreakable partial allows your dentist to provide you with lightweight, flexible partial dentures of exceptional comfort, beauty and reliability. tcs® Unbreakable is an extremely resilient high-performance material; tcs® restorations adjust and flex with the natural contours of
your mouth as you chew, talk and smile.

Your smile… keep it beautiful and healthy… it is an extraordinary asset, the
most important thing you’ll ever wear and the greatest gift you can give.

Some of the many benefits of tcs® Unbreakable include:
– The ideal degree of flexibility.
– Non-invasive treatment.
– Biocompatible and ideal for patients that are allergic to acrylic monomer.
– Low water absorption, that means the partial will not warp nor become brittle.
– Can be used in combination with metal framework or precision attachments.
– Natural hue allows the appliance to simulate real gums and teeth more organically.
– Unsightly metal clasps are simply gone forever. tcs® Unbreakable uses tissue colored clasps, designed to blend with natural dentition.
tcs® Unbreakable’s lightweight and very durable nylon-based material means that dentists can create a denture that is thinner and more comfortable than conventional acrylic dentures. This means that you will not experience that awkward bulkiness that makes most denture wearers feel uncomfortable with their appearance.
– As the name implies, tcs® is unbreakable. There is no need to worry if the denture falls in the sink or even on a hard floor. Yet, incredibly, it is much thinner than conventional appliances.

In all these ways and more, tcs® Unbreakable helps dentists create natural-looking and comfortable partial dentures so that you can look and feel your best. tcs® Unbreakable is the beautiful, comfortable choice for partial dentures that virtually disappear in the mouth.

TCS Unbreakable Light Pink Shad 1 – 5/pk
Each cartridge includes:

  • Patient Care Instructions
  • Delivery Bag
  • 1 tcs® Concentrated Dental Appliance Cleaner (1 week supply)
  • 1 tcs® Coool Mint Wipe (single use).

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