DENTSPLY Caulk VPS Tray Adhesive 14ml #626155

Dentsply Caulk

SKU: 626155

14ml Bottle
Description Caulk Tray Adhesive is used to enhance the adhesion of vinyl polysiloxane impression materials (e.g., Aquasil, Aquasil Ultra, Reprosil material, Hydrosil material) to rigid stock metal (e.g., Rim-Lock tray) or plastic (solid or perforated), custom acrylic and double-arch (e.g., First Bite tray) type impression trays.
Separation of set impression material from the impression tray upon removal from the mouth may introduce distortion errors.
Use of the adhesive helps assure that the completed impression remains firmly attached to the tray upon removal from the mouth.

14ml Bottle