VANIMAN Dust Collector Vanguard 1X (With Accumulator for 1 Station)

Vaniman Manufacturing Co.

SKU: 10311

Vaniman Dust Collector Vanguard 1X - 10311Single station dust collection system with accumulator.

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The Vanguard 1X is a high-quality single station dental dust collector designed to collect dust and particulates at dental workstations. It has a low cost of ownership and requires very little maintenance with the average unit lasting over 20 years. All units are manufactured and assembled, by hand, in the USA at our Southern California facility. 

CLICK HERE FOR: Vanguard Series Spec Sheet

Product Features:
- 1x Vanguard 1X unit, 1x 1-1/2″ Suction Hose (6ft) with accumulator
- High-speed Motor Turbine Technology
- Quiet 55db Operation (normal conversation is 60db)
- Easy Maintenace and Low Repair Rate
- Internal and External Filtration Options for HEPA and Odor Applications
- Vaniman 1 Year Warranty

Technical Specifications:
Electrical: Voltage - 115.00 VAC
Amperage - 5.00 Amps
Dimensions: 17" x 17" x 17" (LxWxH)
Weight: 35 lbs.

Optional Accessories:
- Hepa Filter (P/N: 97016)
- Odor Filter (Vanguard) (P/N: 96013) 
- Poly Guard II Shield (P/N: VMC-A398)
- Fishmouth Plus (P/N: VMC-A395) 
- Remote Swith (P/N: VMC-A450)

Replacement Parts:
- Replacement “Red Dot” Motor (P/N: 97038)
- Filter Bag, 5-pack (P/N: VMC-A400-5)
- Circuit Breaker, 10Amp (P/N: 2807)
- Switch, ON/OFF (P/N: 2904)
- Transformer (P/N: 1417)
- Motor Mount (P/N: 2921)
- Gold Motor Clip (P/N: 3273)
- Front Cover Thumbscrews (P/N: 2984)
- Remote Plug (P/N: 1427)
- Power Connector (P/N: 3010)
- Power Cord (P/N: 1422)