VANIMAN Dust Collector Vanguard Platinum 2X with Accumulator for 1 Station

Vaniman Manufacturing Co.

SKU: 10331

Vanguard Platinum 2X - 10331 Dust Collector with accumulator 1 station, Automatic Bag Full Indicator
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The Vanguard Platinum 2X is a 1-2 station dental dust collector designed to collect dust and particulates at dental workstations. It has a powerful motor with adjustable speed control, replaceable filter bags with “bag-full” indicator light, 3 Stage filtration, and built-in automatic syncing with handpiece operation.  It offers a low cost of ownership with the average unit lasting over 20 years. All units are manufactured and assembled, by hand, in the USA at our Southern California facility. **Please note: Due to high demand, there is a lead time of 2 weeks for Vanguard model shipments**

Diagrams & Installation Instructions:
CLICK HERE: Vanguard Series Spec Sheet
CLICK HERE: Vanguard Platinum 2x

Product Features:
- Vanguard Platinum 2X unit, 1x 2-1/2″ Suction Hose (6ft), Internal Post Filter
- High-speed turbine technology producing high suction
- One or two stations with variable speed control
- Whisper quiet operation at 55 dbA
- Built-In “Autopilot” for handpiece synchronization
- Optional Air Autopilot for air handpiece control
- Automatic Bag Full Indicator Light
- 3 Stage filtration
- Vaniman 1 Warranty

Technical Specifications:
Electrical: Voltage 115.00 VAC
Amperage 15.00 Amps
Dimensions: 20" x 10" x 27" (LxWxH)
Weight: 42 lbs.

Optional Accessories:
- Poly Guard II Shield (P/N: VMC-A398) 
- Fishmouth Plus (P/N: VMC-A395)
- Remote Switch (P/N: VMC-A450)
- Air Auto Pilot Add-On (factory only) (P/N 10354)

Replacement Parts:
- Internal Post Filter (P/N: 96014)
- Red Dot Motor Replacement (P/N: 97037)
- Motor Brushes, Blue Dot (P/N: 97010) 
- Filter Bag, 5-pack (P/N: VMC-A400-5)
- Motor Mount (P/N: 2921)
- Gold Motor Clip (P/N: 3273)
- Front Cover Thumbscrews (P/N: 2984)
- Remote Plug (P/N: 1427)
- Switch MANUAL/AUTO (P/N: 1480A)
- Power Switch ON/OFF (P/N: 2904)
- Protective Switch Cover (P/N: 1003B)
- Power Connector (P/N: 3010)
- Outlet Receptacle (P/N: 1832)
- Slide Potentiometer (P/N: 2909)
- Circuit Breaker, 15Amp (P/N: 2869)
- Secondary Filter (P/N: 96014)
- Power Cord (P/N: 3006) 
- Black Wire – Breaker to Switch (P/N: 1418P)