VANIMAN StoneVac SC Brushless Dust Collector For 1 Station

Vaniman Manufacturing Co.

SKU: 10230

New StoneVac Brushless SC (Speed Control)For 1 Station* (2½ Hose, expandable to 6)REPLACED StoneVac II Brushless 10230BRAND NEW FROM MANUFACTURERS - ONE YEAR WARRANTY
 Vaniman - StoneVac SC Brushless Dust Collector For 1 Station - Model #10237

- Brushless Motor
- Specifically designed for Die Stone use, Micro-abrasive Blasters, Porcelain and all other Dry Material
- Exclusive built-in electric filter cleaning system
- Handles all dust with true HEPA filtration - captures 99.97% of dust at 0.3 microns
- Bagless design
- Can be configured as a two station system
- New Ultra-Quiet design
- High capacity motor outperforms all conventional dust collectors
- 1 Year Warranty

Technical Specifications:
Electrical: Voltage 115.00 VAC / Amperage 15.00amps
Demensions: 10" L x 15" W x 24.50" H
Weight: 45lbs