BEAVERSTATE Wall Mounted Assistant's Side Only #RD-4251

Beaverstate Dental

SKU: RD-4251

With 1 Each HVE, SE and IC Syringe & Pneumatic Brake Flex Arm
Description 1 each HVE, SE and IC syringe
Vacuum canister with removable screen (uses 131-053 screen)
16" x 22" Starboard ST Work Surface, Dolphin Grey
Wall Mounting Plate
7' Umbilical tubing

1/4" air or water quick disconnect"
Additional umbilical tubing (per foot)
QD Kit (3/8" QD's with mounting bracket and hardware) 024-008
QD Kit (1/4" QD's with mounting bracket and hardware) 024-003
Formica Work Surface (Special Order)
Silcryn tubing
Foot Control with Chip Blower (126-133)
Foot Control Wet/Dry (126-160)
Foot Control with Wet/Dry Chip Blower (126-203)
Dual Water Bottle Kit (110-052)
Water Bottle Kit (110-032)
Handpiece Illumination System with Delay, 5 & 6 pin
Additional HVE Valve with tubing and holder (030-014)
Utility Center (144-015)
10" Extension Arm (105-315)