WHIP MIX Model 4641 Articulator

Whip Mix Dental Corp

SKU: 02278

Model 4641 with Modified Tracking Codylar Guidance, Progressive Side Shift and "Accumount" System
  • Whip Mix Model 4641 with Modified Tracking Codylar Guidance
  • Progressive Side Shift and "Accumount" System
  • Tracking fossae which allow upper and lower frames to remain together during excursive movements
  • Durable Delrin condyle elements which provide silky-smooth condylar movements
  • Accumount” System of Interchangeability which allow accurate interchanging of casts between articulators
  • Fully open access from the lingual position for easy access during denture setup

    Easy to operate Locking Mechanism provides the following actions:
     - Allows removal of upper frame from lower frame for cleaning and servicing the articulator
     - In the locked position it provides a quick way to return to centric position and locks the articulator for added stability
     - In the mid-range position the Locking Mechanism allows the condylar ball to move freely down the track of the condyles during excursive movements
     - A Support Rod to support the upper frame of the articulator when open
     - A built-in storage compartment for storing the support rod when not being used
    Condylar guidance featuring:
     - Adjustable condylar inclination
     - Progressive side shift
     - Fixed intercondylar distance of 110 mm