WHIP MIX Digital Wax Carving Pencil - Single

Whip Mix Dental Corp

SKU: 10157

WHIP MIX Digital Wax Carving Pencil - Single 115V

The Digital Wax Carving Pencil is designed to carve and mold a variety of waxes used in the dental industry. The variety of carving tips and easy temperature control allow for precise waxing work.

Easy to use.

Excellent heat conductivity.

Long service life.

Easy-to-use, visible control buttons.

Accurate temperature maintenance with reset function.

Built-in digital CPU circuit accurately maintains desired temperature.

Digitally displays temperature in either Celsius or Fahrenheit.

Previous working temperature is kept in memory, even if the unit has been turned off.

Usable with AC100-240V without additional adjustment.

Silicon handle reduces hand fatigue.

Translucent compartment in rear of unit for easy storage of carving tips.

Comes with 2 waxing tips (Offset Explorer & PKT 2)

Warranty: 2 years (US & Canada Only)