Zhermack Alginate Mixer MX-300

Zhermack Alginate Mixer MX-300


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The MX-300 is an automatic mixer for alginates that significantly improves the quality of the mix compared to manual methods, helps standardize the mixing process, and gives consistentreproducible results.

Easy, fast, and consistent mixing, helps boost efficiency in dental surgery.

The MX-300 has been tested with the Zhermack range of alginates to identify the best mixing times for each alginate and to guarantee product technical characteristics.



• Compact mixer with reduced footprint on the worktop
• High-speed centrifugal rotation, 3600 rpm. Double movement: rotation and revolution.
• Modern design with touch controls and limited presence of undercuts
• Digital color display with mixing state icons
• Painted metal shell
• Mechanical lock prevents opening during mixing
• Mixing time memory (from 1 to 20 secs)
• Standard equipment:
1 spatula, 4 mixing bowls, 1 stirring stick, 1 water dosing bottle, 1 handy magnetic spatula holder for application to the mixer


• Automatic mixing significantly reduces the number of bubbles in the mix and produces a more homogeneous compound
• Reproducible results irrespective of who does the mixing
• Modern, compact design for a reduced footprint on the worktop
• Digital display and shell with limited presence of undercuts for easy cleaning


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